Journal Publications

Allahkaram ShafieiVyacheslav KungurtsevJakub Marecek Trilevel and Multilevel Optimization using Monotone Operator Theory. Mathematical Method of OR, to appear.
Sarah Boufelja Y.Anthony QuinnMartin CorlessRobert Shorten Fully Probabilistic Design for Optimal Transport, Communications in Optimization Theory, accepted
Jakub MarecekMichal RoubalikRamen GhoshRobert N. ShortenFabian R. Wirth Predictability and fairness in load aggregation and operations of virtual power plants. Automatica, Volume 147, January 2023, 110743.
Vyacheslav KungurtsevJakub MarecekRamen GhoshRobert N. Shorten On the Ergodic Control of Ensembles in the Presence of Non-linear Filters. Automatica, Volume 152, June 2023, 110946.
Pietro FerraroJia Yuan YuRamen GhoshSyed Eqbal AlamJakub MarecekFabian WirthRobert Shorten On Unique Ergodicity of Coupled AIMD Flows. International Journal of Control, to appear.
Quan ZhouJakub MarecekRobert N. Shorten Subgroup fairness in two-sided markets. PLoS One, Volume 18(2), 2023, e0281443
Quan ZhouJakub MarecekRobert N. Shorten Fairness in Forecasting of Observations of Linear Dynamical Systems. Journal of AI Research, Vol. 76 (2023).

Conference Publications

Dimitrios TomarasVana KalogerakiKatharina MorikDimitrios Gunopulos STRATA: Random Forests going Serverless @ Middleware 2024
Swagatam Haldar Diptikalyan Saha Dennis Wei Rahul Nair Elizabeth M. Daly Interpretable Differencing of Machine Learning Models @ UAI 2023
Jakub Marecek et al. Fairness in the sharing economy and stochastic models for MAS @ AAMAS 2024
Quan ZhouRamen GhoshRobert ShortenJakub Marecek Closed-Loop View of the Regulation of AI: Equal Impact across Repeated Interactions @ FAIR 2024
Giorgos Giannopoulos et al. Fairness in AI: challenges in bridging the gap between algorithms and law @ FAIR 2024
Abigail LangbridgeAnthony QuinnRobert Shorten Optimal Transport for Fairness: Archival Data Repair using Small Research Data Sets @ FAIR 2024
Andrii KliachkinEleni PsaroudakiJakub MarecekDimitris Fotakis Fairness in Ranking: Robustness through Randomization without the Protected Attribute @ FAIR 2024
Inge VejsbjergElizabeth M. DalyRahul NairSvetoslav Nizhnichenkov Interactive Human-Centric Bias Mitigation @ AAAI 2024
Johannes AspmanGeorgios KorpasJakub Marecek Taming Binarized Neural Networks and Mixed-Integer Programs @ AAAI 2024
Svetoslav NizhnichenkovRahul NairBrian Mac NameeElizabeth Daly Explaining knock-on effects of bias mitigation @ NeurIPS Workshop

Informal Publications

Jiri NemecekTomas PevnyJakub Marecek Generating Likely Counterfactuals Using Sum-Product Networks
Gilles BareillesJohannes AspmanJiri NemecekJakub Marecek Piecewise polynomial regression of tame functions via integer programming
Quan ZhouJakub Marecek Group-blind optimal transport to group parity and its constrained variants
Francisco FacchineiVyacheslav Kungurtsev Stochastic Approximation for Expectation Objective and Expectation Inequality-Constrained Nonconvex Optimization
Fabio V. DifonzoVyacheslav KungurtsevJakub Marecek Stochastic Langevin Differential Inclusions with Applications to Machine Learning
Johannes AspmanVyacheslav KungurtsevReza Roohi Seraji Riemannian Stochastic Approximation for Minimizing Tame Nonsmooth Objective Functions
Songqiang QiuVyacheslav Kungurtsev A Sequential Quadratic Programming Method for Optimization with Stochastic Objective Functions, Deterministic Inequality Constraints and Robust Subproblems
Jiri NemecekTomas PevnyJakub Marecek Improving the Validity of Decision Trees as Explanations.
Allahkaram ShafieiVyacheslav KungurtsevJakub Marecek Time-Varying Multi-Objective Optimization: Tradeoff Regret Bounds.

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